Automatic Compacting Bin

NatureStore iMbin is a smart waste compacting bin. The main application is incineration and landfill waste, recycling waste, food waste, etc.
Installable in various locations such as the center of the townhouse, apartment complex, dormitory of university or company, market and shopping mall, etc.,
iMbin is the best system for facilities inhabited by a large number of people.

Combined with smart technology, iMbin sends real-time information to its operating system through the internet.

Internal weighing scale measures weight of the waste amount and residents can make payment of fees according to the waste amount and the type of waste.

The waste compaction feature allows reducing waste collection costs and maximizing cost efficiency.
The waste collection management system server iEcoproC detects and analyzes the collection weight and volume with scale sensor
and volume detection sensor and actively transmits information.

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Features & Advantages

Clean Environment

  • Prevention of overflow
  • Custom design to match the surrounding environment
  • Prevention of access to street animals
  • Fine appearance with a pest control feature

High Efficiency

  • Monitoring waste amount and equipment status using IoT
  • Reducing collection costs by over 80%
  • Maximized efficiency by reducing labor
  • Reducing fuel and CO2 generation


  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • No need to touch the waste bin
  • No need to buy a plastic bag to discharge waste



CO2 Reduction

Clean City



Residental Area

Shopping Mall



Apartment Complex

Large Commercial Complex


iMbin-R (240/660L)

iMbin-W (660L)

Model & Technical Spec

Model Application Capacity Dimension (L x W x H) Note
iMbin-W “MSW(Household Waste)” 660L 1,350×1,180×2,140 Weighing Scale Feature
(Now Developing)
iMbin-R Recycling 660L / 240L Compaction Feature
iMbin-B Food Waste 120L / 60L Weighing Scale Feature
(Now Developing)