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Waste Collection Management System

NatureStore iEcopro C is the system server which controls and operates iTainer, iNetbin, iUnderground, iSolarbin
though the Internet with IoT/ICT technology. With the system, we can monitor the collection amount,
waste tariff collection, waste generation amount and pattern by the geographic location and the status of the equipments.
iEcopro C also connects the waste collection trucks, AS service engineers and the waste discharging customers.
iEcopro C is the best solution for the most efficient waste collection management.

Features & Advantages

Total Management in One Server

  • Easy to control with full overview
  • Reliable database for future planning
  • Most efficient solution by connecting the server to customers by APP

High Efficiency

  • Small waste management Fleet
  • Flexible and reliable management from analyzed data
  • Dupming fee collection guaranteed
  • Remote maintenance support system


Smart City

Less CO2

Pretty City

Clean City